Faruk Akgul

Jun 13, 2010

Integer Exponentiation Algorithms

Integer exponentiation algorithms such as binary method, mk-ary method, quaternary method, octal method, Montgomery's Ladder Technique.

Jun 08, 2010

Interview Questions: Reverse The Bloody String

There are perhaps tens of different ways to do it, either using standard libraries or writing your own piece of code. If we consider in Java, a good answer would be using the StringBuilder class.

Jun 05, 2010

Linked Lists: Loop Detection

In its simplest definition a linked list is a sequence of nodes that each node contains the data and the reference to the next node in the list. Detection of a cycle in a linked list is useful before beginning to process because such linked lists cause an infinite loop.

May 04, 2010

Introduction To Algorithms - Balanced Trees: Avl Trees

The first balanced binary tree in computing history was the AVL tree which introduced the wide area of balanced binary search trees. An AVL tree is a binary search tree which has an additional balanced condition(yes, that's the only extra addition). Balanced condition of the AVL tree ensures the depth of the tree is O(log n) which ensures the depth of the tree is logarithmic.

Mar 02, 2010

Introduction To Algorithms - String Searching: Part 1

Every text editor and IDE performs string searches. Basically, there always a text and the users searches for a pattern in the text. If you use an efficient algorithm can aid the responsiveness of the text-editing program. In this post I'll cover the most known string search algorithms. String search algorithms are also used to search for particular patterns in DNA sequences.